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October 26th through December 22nd, 2018

Liz Wheeler and Kim Christman

Oct 26th, 6 pm - 10 pm

Soft Machine Gallery

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October 26th through December 22nd, 2018

Liz Wheeler and Kim Christman

'Complications of Being Human'

Opening Reception

Friday, October 26th, 2018

6 to 10 pm

Refreshments Provided

Music by:

Eric Santana (of Lehigh Valley's 'Hexting')


Lou Rogai (of Lewis and Clark)

Music starts at 8 pm ($5 for music only.  Art reception is free.)


Oct 26th, 6 pm - 10 pm

Soft Machine Gallery

Liz Wheeler and Kim Christman

Liz Wheeler

LIZ WHEELER works in ceramics. Her spare, unglazed figurative sculptures show miniature scenes of mostly people and interior spaces, some vacant. Other work concentrates on the ceramic surface, using inscribed lines to create drawings. Wheeler explains, “For me, Art is a way that we trick each other into shutting down the part of our minds that want to understand and categorize and digest everything. It allows for a really direct communication between creator and observer. It's a way for me to uncover the deeper truth about existence, to get a perspective on things so that I can see that it's all beautiful, the hard things too. Reminding each other that to be able to perceive existence is in itself a gift. We're all god seeing god. The trick is to use objects of sight to reveal vision itself."
Wheeler studied ceramics at Bennington College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also spent three summers at the Ox-Bow Summer School of Art in Michigan. She studied philosophy with a concentration in Art theory at Binghamton University, earning a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture. She has lived in the Lehigh Valley since 2004 and has been involved in the Arts, Education, and Yoga. She is the Managing Director of Clay on Main, a not-for-profit community Arts center in Oley, PA.


Kim Christman's  work discusses the ways in which people become marginalized, defined as not important or powerful and how their concerns are considered insignificant by society. She hopes to highlight the unique perspective of those who find themselves outside the "established framework of value". She believes material objects/possessions are signifiers of these invisible barriers, and she hopes to inspire "people to see the vision they should be proud to have, regardless of their financial situation and social status". Her work also speaks about a woman's wisdom and physicality of survival.
She uses simple, every day objects and materials to produce subtle and seductive objects and installations. She wants viewers to "feel safe and contained while experiencing a profound shift in understanding".
Christman’s aesthetic influences are drawn from growing up in Wisconsin and then living in NYC for 18 years. She relocated to the Lehigh Valley in 2013. She attended Hunter College, where she received a BFA in Fine Arts with honors in 2011. She has exhibited at the Gagosian in Chelsea, NY, and locally at the Cigar Factory, Pigpen Project, Art in the Woods, New Vox Gallery, Connexions Gallery, Studio 945 and in Philadelphia. She currently lives and maintains a studio in Bethlehem, PA.

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